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"Bifrost Tug As makes the future greener and safer, and towing operations more cost effective"

Our Business

Our business 

Bifrost Tug AS (BFT)'s solutions address the needs for rapid and cost-effective emission reductions and a gradual transition to zero-emission solutions, primarily for tugs, but also for other marine vessels.
Our towing hook and winch system "Safeline Systems" should make towing both with ordinary tugs and offshore towing/anchor handling vessels safer!
We have developed a new and unique way of breaking the ice with tugs (or other vessels) by the use of our BFT Icebreaker system!
For the maritime sector, we offer technology and solutions where our ambitions is to improve efficiency and reduce emissions from vessels, and reduce motion on rigs and larger offshore vessels in operation offshore.


We also offer a range of services to the maritime sector to help identify and realize innovative projects, both from an environmental and a safety perspective.
Products and services

Products & Services

BFT can provide you with the following products and services;
  • Icebreakersystem
  • Safety towing hook/winch for Towing and Anchor Handler vessels
  • Elevation rudder (Flap) for smaller and larger vessels for optimizing trim, speed, reduction of consumption and emission (Designed, under further development/optimization)
  • Elevation rudder (Flap) for azimuth thrusters for reduction of motion on rigs/barges and vessels in operation offshore (Under development)
  • In close cooperation with Dåfjorden Slipp AS (DS), design, and construction of "Daafjord" towing vessels from < 8 meters up to 24 meters in length
  • Design, and construction of "Daafjord" fishing vessels from < 8 meters up to 24 meters in length
  • Towing and barge services


With BFT's unique icebreaker system, you can break ice up ....

Image by Nick Fewings

Safeline System

BFT's towing hook and towing hook/winch system ....

Image by Aziz Acharki

Elevation Rudder (Flap)

BFT's Elevation rudder (Flap) will optimize vessels trim, speed....



Dåfjordvegen 180, 5410 SAGVÅG

Tel: +47 922 88 481 (Steinar)

+47 958 72 450 (Hans Kristian)

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